“Performance Training is a training solution provider who can create, develop
and deliver training solutions to match your organisational goals and objectives.”

About Performance Training

Performance Training is a Jersey (Channel Islands) based training organisation which specialises in the process of creating and managing change within organisations by developing and enhancing the performance of their people.

This can range from helping the organisation to create and develop a customer focused business to developing the structures and teams within the organisation that will not only embrace the process of change but also take a leading role in its implementation.

We can also project manage change within your organisation either through assistance with the implementation of an existing project or to drive and implement the project on your behalf.

It is the structure, performance strategies and practices that we create and implement within your organisation that ensure the change processes continue when we move on to our next client.

As you will expect with our skill sets and experience we have worked with a broad spectrum of organisations including the finance, retail and public sectors.

Our goal is always to develop a training solution that not only delivers results but also works in line with your present organisational practices so minimising resistance to change that may slow or hinder the expected performance change your organisation expects.