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Performance Training is a training strategy and training provider who will create, develop, deliver and implement training and development solutions for your organisation.

Services we have provided our clients

We have designed, created and delivered organisational change and learning strategies including programmes such as:-
Developing a change structure for a Hardware retail company which included devising training and development strategies from Senior Management to the Shop Floor. The training strategy involved developing staff to provide Coaching, Performance Feedback, One to One job Instruction, Customer Problem Solving and Communication Skills within their own organisation.

  • Delivered “Dynamics of Change” presentation for a government initiative to retail groups

  • Designed and presented a Customer Service programme for the Retail Training Network which consisted of a wide spectrum of retailers

  • Delivered training for a Finance Group on Developing Creativity in their Organisation.

  • Created and developed a Customer Service Programme for a Bus Company as well as a strategy to create organisational and cultural change